Saal Digital Photo Book Review

After I’ve tested the Saal Digital Photo Book, I must say I’m not quite as happy with it as with the wall decor or the photo booklet.

Generally the photo book is well made. I went for the 28×19 format and 40 pages with matt photo paper and a glossy cover. The pages are nice and thick and easy to turn and the pictures are sharp and clear and the colours are very accurate.

The Saal Digital Software can be downloaded and is generally easy to use. Unfortunately you can’t add text if you use the Auto Layout Function. If you deactivate the Auto Layout Function to add some text and you activate it again, you lose the text again. And sometimes I couldn’t delete photos while using the Auto Layout Function and I had to save the project, close it and reopen it to be able to continue my work.

When I received the photo book I wasn’t quite as happy either as there was a printing issue on one of the pages with a line going through the picture and some sort of bloom on 2/3 of the picture.

So I took a photo of that page and asked Saal Digital whether they wanted to rectify it befor I wrote this review and they were happy to do so.

Today I received the reprint from Saal Digital and must say the colours are perfect. Unfortunately though the photo book obviously got bent during transport even though it was in a sturdy cardboard envelope and a soft protective envelope inside. So now the front and back cover are slightly damaged.

A shame really, I think it is a really good photo book and maybe I was just unlucky.

I must say though, that Saal Digital didn’t fuss about much, they did apologize and reprinted the book again and sent it out straight away. Now the Saal Digital photo book is as good as I would have expected. Thank you very much Saal Digital.

Saal Digital Photo Booklet Review

After the amazing Wall Decor from Saal Digital I’ve also tested the photo booklet and I’m likewise impressed with the superb quality.


All you need to do to create a photo booklet is to download the Saal Digital software and chose the product and size. The process of filling the pages with your photos is quite straightforward. You can either use the page layouts or, even better, drag and drop the photos and position them on the pages wherever you want. And you can of course add text anywhere on the pages. And if you don’t want to create your photo booklet in one go, you can save it any time.

I’ve chosen a photo booklet with the format 20×20 with 34 pages. And even though it is printed in Germany, I received it in less than a week. It was well packed in a sturdy cardboard envelope.

To protect outer cover the booklet has a plastic cover and is printed on 200g/m² double sided photo paper with a matt finish. The spiral binding is, as to be expected, high quality too.

The pictures are not only bright and sharp but the colour is also very accurate and the matt finish I think is a real bonus.

All in all I’m really happy with the Saal Digital Photo Booklet and will for sure come back.

Saal Digital Wall Decor Review

Recently I was able to test the Saal Digital Wall Decor and was absolutely amazed.

After looking at the different options I decided to go for the Alu-Dibond 40x60cm. The matt finish works really well with my photo of a poppy and the colours and sharpness are absolutely stunning.

With 3 mm the picture is not only very stable but also weather resistant. I chose to hang it on my living room wall though but it is good to know that I could potentially have it outdoors as well.

And as I decided to hang it up indoors I chose the standard mounting which is really easy to attach.

Ordering the Wall Decor was absolutely easy. Just download the Saal Design Software and give it a go. You can choose the different articles and upload your photo.

One day after the order confirmation I received a message saying that my order had been shipped. And even though it came all the way from Germany it arrived here a few days later. Thanks to the great packing the picture was in pristine condition.

All in all this was a really positive experience and I can only recommend Saal Digital to any fellow photographers. Especially as you can even choose the individual size for your picture to match your photo. And the quality of the Alu-Dibond is absolutely stunning.

Thank you very much Saal Digital for this great job!